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Indian Spice Box Kmart: Looking For a Designer Indian Spice Box in Australia?

Designer Indian Spice Box Kmart Australia

Being fond of Indian food, all must know how to use these traditional Indian spices in their meals to make them taste better. A spice box is a must-have item in your kitchen to keep the Masalas. In Australia, you can find beautiful designer Indian Spice boxes from Kmart. These designer spice boxes won’t only be perfect for storing your spices. Still, they will also be among your collection of traditional Indian artifacts. You can use these spice boxes for other purposes, like storing dry foods, jewellery items, and other things.

What Exactly is an Indian Spice Box?

A Masala Dabba has seven distinct cups in it. IN these seven cups, you can keep seven different kinds of flavours. Besides, for a standard wooden or pure Indian Spice box, there is likewise a teaspoon for each cup or, at times, only one teaspoon for the whole box.

There are several types of Spice boxes. Following are a few of them:

Stainless Steel Spice Box

The treated steel Indian Spice box is made of tempered steel. These crates have a distance of 7.5 inches and are 3 inches high. Hardened steel flavour boxes, by and large, have seven cups, one box, one spoon, and two covers. The plan of such boxes permits you to deal with these effectively and carefully, and these are ideally suited for those flavours that you utilize all the more regularly.

Wooden Spice Box

A wooden flavour box uses Sheesham wood and contains nine zest cups and one teaspoon to prepare your dinners. Commonly, the length and width of a cup are 2.1 inches, while the stature is 1.1 inches and the weight is 748 grams.

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Glass Spice Box

The Glass Spice Jars goes with around nine to 24 waterproof compartments, covers, metal covers, and a silicone channel to help move or top off-flavours. These Glass flavour compartments are phenomenal and consistently delivered utilizing prevalent grade, sans lead, and extreme glass. Glass Spice compartments have an enormous glass part that makes outstanding gifts.

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Where Can You Buy These Spice Boxes?

In Australia, You can buy designer Indian spice boxes from Kmart. Here you can find several options when it comes to spice boxes. These are available in different price ranges. As an Indian food lover, you must know what type of spice box will suit best your preferences. You can even buy these spice boxes to gift someone. If you use spices more often in cooking, then purchasing a Stainless steel spice box is preferable. For example, if you are looking to gift to someone. You will find several designer options here. These beautiful spice boxes reflect Indian tradition and culture.

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It’s not necessary that you only buy these spice boxes for storing spices. You can use it to store small jewellery items, dry fruits, and several other small items.


You can buy designer Indian Spice boxes from Kmart. You will find many options and choose to buy one for yourself or give it to your friends, family, and colleagues. However, it is best to know what type of spice box will be perfect for you to have what you want.

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