Wooden Spice box

Wooden Spice Box or Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box: Which Is Better?

What is the Best Option Between A Wooden Spice Box and Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box?

When it comes to keeping spices in a container, a wooden spice box and a stainless steel spice box are good options, and many people use both of them for the same purpose. However, you should know the importance of each of them and why you should choose one over the other. Spices add that extra flavour to our foods. That’s why everyone wants to have some spices stored in their kitchen cabinets.

If you are among those fond of Indian foods or want to explore different foods from around the globe, you must have a Masala Dabba in your kitchen in which you can keep all these spices to make your food taste better.

What is a Masala Dabba?

Typically, a Masala Dabba has seven different cups in it. IN these seven cups, you can keep seven different types of spices. Moreover, for a typical wooden or stainless Indian Spice box, there is also a teaspoon for each cup or sometimes just one teaspoon for the entire package.

Stainless Steel Indian Spice Box

As the name indicates, the stainless steel Indian Spice box is made of stainless steel. These boxes have a diameter of 7.5 inches and are 3 inches high. Stainless steel spice boxes generally have seven cups, one box, one spoon, and two lids. The design of such boxes allows you to handle these easily and more elegantly, and these are perfect for those spices that you use more often.


Following are the advantages of having a stainless steel Indian Spice box:

  • The material of this box is stainless strength which ensures strength, durability, and quality.
  • Spices kept in stainless steel boxes remain fresher for a more extended period.
  • Because of the double lid design of these boxes, the natural aroma of the spices is preserved for a long time.
  • You can clean these boxes easily and store seven different types of spices that you use more often.

The lid of these boxes almost seals the box, which preserves aroma and keeps it protected from microbial.


Along with several benefits of having a stainless steel Indian Spice box, you should also be prepared for a few drawbacks:

  • Because of the stainless steel nature of the box, these boxes can get rusty over time.
  • Sharp objects in the kitchen can scratch these boxes easily.
  • The prices of Stainless steel spices boxes can be high.
  • Dust can be accumulated at the glass top, which can be challenging to clean.
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Wooden Spice Box

Usually, a wooden spice box is made from Sheesham wood and contains nine spice cups and one teaspoon to season your meals. Typically, the length and width of a cup are 2.1 inches, whereas the height is 1.1 inches and the weight is 748 grams.

The wood is prepared in with classic brown colour. The colour adds a typical vibe of an Indian architect. The wooden spoon that comes with the box is also made from Sheesham wood. One of the perks of having a wooden box for spices is that you can store not only spices but also dry fruits, refreshments, jewellery, and other small items.


Such type of spice box has several advantages such as:

  • You can store spices in these boxes for 10-15 days which depends on the usage.
  • You can use it to store several other small items, such as dry fruits.
  • You can use it for a more extended period without having the fear that it will get rusty.
  • For cleaning purposes, you can wash it.
  • The primary purpose of wooden boxes is that they have elegant sturdiness.


Following are a few drawbacks of having a wooden box for spices:

  • These are not airtight like stainless steel spice boxes.
  • You have to lose interaction before washing it. This is why using a damp cloth for cleaning is more suitable.
  • Wood worms and other insects can easily damage the wood, leading to the rotting of your spices inside.


People have been using both types of spice boxes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. But if you have stainless steel spice box, you can store your spices for a more extended period. It is perfect for those who want their spices’ aroma to be preserved till the end. However, if you want a masala Dabba that portrays Indian culture, you can have a wooden spice box. It can be used for other purposes too.

In short, if you are the type of person who wants to explore different cuisines of the world in their kitchen, a Masala Dabba is a must need. Indeed, you can store your spices in other containers and jars, but they don’t fulfil the minimum requirement quota to store your spices for a more extended period.

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