Glass Spice Jars Vs Steel Spice Box

Glass Spice Jars Or Stainless Steel Spice Box?

Glass Spice Jars or Stainless Steel Spice Box- Which One is Better?

For all those who want to enjoy Indian food but prepare them, they are confused on which one will be better to keep the spices, Glass Spice Jars or Stainless Steel Spice Box. One thing is for sure that you need a Masala Dabba to store traditional Indian Spices. When you go in the market to buy these boxes, they all look so fascinating that you get confused about which one is the preferable option for you.

A Brief Introduction of Masala Dabba

Traditionally, a Masala Dabba can be a stainless steel box, a wooden box, or a glass jar. A typical Indian Masala Dabba has seven cups, a tightly fitted lid, and a teaspoon. The purpose of these boxes is to ensure that you can access your spices whenever you want without making much of a mess. You can also store non-Indian spices in these boxes that you use more often in your cooking.

A native Masala Dabba comes in spotless with a tight-fitting cover. Its diameter is between six inches and twelve creeps, with a compact teaspoon for each zest holder or all the zest compartments.

Masala Dabba is regularly round with a profound tempered steel holder, fitted with seven dishes containing various flavours and the entire box covered with a glass top.

Masala Dabba: Stainless Steel Spice Box

The treated steel Masala Dabba zest box is an ideal flavour box to dominate your Indian food plans. Usually, this zest confine comes with a 7.5-inch breadth and has a tallness of 3 creeps with seven zest compartments. However, you should know, sizes might contrast contingent upon assembling determinations or explicit merchant/specialist who creates the thing.

Commonly, each flavour holder has a measurement of 2.25 inches and a tallness of 1.5 inches. The treated steel masala Dabba has seven compartments, one box, one spoon, and two tops, all cut out from fine hardened steel.

This particular box of flawlessness is intended for ergonomy and toughness. It is planned to make it incredibly simple to deal with, consequently creating an ideal stockpiling for your as often as possible utilized flavours.

On the off chance that you’re contemplating purchasing a tempered steel Masala Dabba, the following are a couple of justifications for why it’s a smart thought;

Benefits Of Buying Stainless Steel Masala Dabba

  • It is cut out from top-notch treated steel materials, guaranteeing its solidarity, quality, and solidness.
  • Due to the food-accommodating covering material in treated steel flavour boxes will generally keep the flavours crisp, making them last significantly longer than expected.
  • Its novel twofold cover configuration helps to hold the fragrant newness of flavours.
  • It is dishwasher-accommodating because of its hardened steel nature. Consequently, it is not difficult to clean and store various flavours in them
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Disadvantages Of Buying Stainless Steel Spice Box Masala Dabba

  • The treated steel masala Dabba gets corroded after quite a while or after interacting with water as a result of its hardened steel nature
  • It is unavoidably delicate to sharp items, making it helpless to being severely scratched during delivery or by kitchen objects
  • It is very costly.

Glass Spice Jars

The Glass Spice Jars accompanies around nine to 24 waterproof flavour containers, covers, metal covers, and a silicone channel to help move or top off-flavours. These Glass flavour containers are unquestionably uncommon and regularly produced using superior grade, sans lead, and tough glass. Glass Spice containers have a considerable glass part that makes extraordinary gifts. They’re likewise truly remarkable to take a look at, so assuming you’re up for a request, they can genuinely illuminate your kitchen with a hint of stylish brightness and balance that most kitchens don’t have. Glass flavour containers additionally make an excellent option for your feasting table at whatever point engaging visitors or have guests over.

Advantages of Buying Glass Spice Jars

  • They are versatile and can squeeze into kitchen drawers
  • They’re amazingly uncommon and make incredible gifts subsequently
  • It has a selective filter and pours shaker tops that assist you with running zest precisely
  • It accompanies an extraordinarily planned food grade silicone with an enormous opening for the quick pouring of flavours
  • It has a pre-printed round flavour mark which allows you to name and personality your flavours in an unexpected way
  • It is practical.

Cons of Buying Glass Jars

You should know, there are dangers to purchasing and claiming a Glass Spice Jars:

  • It can break effectively if not appropriately dealt with
  • Soil could be caught under glass best if not as expected cleaned
  • Some glass models are not water/airproof and can be terrible for flavour newness after some time
  • Uncommon to find and costly subsequently


If you want to use spices in a much professional and effective way, glass spice jars are the most suitable options. You can even place these glass jars while hosting a dinner party so that your guests can season their food according to their liking.

However, if you want to use your spices more often, then stainless steel spice box is the best choice. You can easily access your Masalas and them it as per your taste.

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